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Digital House Hunt - Video Marketing for Real Estate

10 Real Estate Video Ideas

  1. Produce a professional looking short movie of a luxury property

  2. Parody a popular song or commercial

  3. Record a prank that shows your company’s light side, but also displays its knowledge of a property or an area

  4. Use an animated video to explain the history of a property or area

  5. Get a video testimonial from a celebrity client

  6. Start a web video series about your job (eg. “A Day in the Life of a Realtor”)

  7. Make a montage of some of the most hideous properties you’ve ever been asked to list

  8. Re-enact funny or memorable situations you’ve experienced as a Realtor

  9. Provide a useful tour of a neighbourhood that other websites would want (like travel sites, other Realtors, visitor centres , etc)

  10. Create a provocative commercial that entices your clientele of young professionals to want to see a property or use your services

What Makes a Real Estate Video Go Viral?

  • Funny. One of the easiest ways to get a video to go viral is to make it funny. The tricky part though is figuring out what funny is to your target audience.

  • Creative. The best way to tell if you have something creative is when someone else sees it and says “Ah, I wish I thought of that!” Creativity is respected in just about every social circle.

  • Short. If you go through some of the most viral videos on YouTube you will notice that most of them are less than 5 minutes long.

  • Provocative. And even though the real estate industry tries to maintain a conservative persona, the fact is that sex is used to sell real estate all the time – because it works.

  • Memorable. You know you’re video has gone viral when people start referring to it by name. Memorable music video has already become one of the most viral videos of all time.

Tips to Help Your Video Go Viral

  1. Craft your video around your target audience by using the proper language, content and humour

  2. Upload your video to a social platform like YouTube or Vimeo so you, and your viewers, can easily share and interact with it

  3. Give it a descriptive, but memorable title – just as you would for a blog post you’d want people to share

  4. Keep your company branding and logos to just subtle references

  5. Don’t use annoying annotations, ads or captions

  6. Use a celebrity (actor, athlete, musician) in your video if possible

  7. Optimize it for increased organic search value to drive even more traffic to it

  8. Use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn to get your video in front of people

20 ways Blore Productions can Help

  1. Listing Videos

  2. Interview Videos

  3. 360 degree virtual tour

  4. Blog Post Recap Videos

  5. Home Buyer/Seller Advice Videos

  6. Special Offer Videos

  7. Local Business Review Videos

  8. “About Me”/Explainer Videos

  9. Neighbourhood/Community Videos

  10. Case Study/Review Videos

  11. Brand Promotional Videos

  12. Client Process/Update Videos

  13. Q&A Videos

  14. “How-to” Videos

  15. Housing Market Update Videos

  16. List-Based Videos

  17. Team/Office Culture Videos

  18. Humorous/Themed Videos

  19. Year-in-Review Videos

  20. Event Videos

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